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Maxi-SideVisor with Case
This Manual visor blocks the sun and looks great! Its pulls down easily anywhere you wants and stays put until you push it up.

Drop is 36" and top half of fabric is black vinyl; bottm half is black mesh.

Soft Ascent SideVisor with Case
Easy to use - simply pull down! Simply pull the Soft Ascent SideVisor down to any setting. To retract the visor, pull down and the visor gently retracts into a painted Black aluminum case. Now the driver can lower and raise the visor with one hand while driving!

Standard drop is 36". The top half of fabric is solid black vinyl; bottom half is black mesh.

Maxi SmartVisor with Case
The Maxi SmartVisor lets you maximize the sun block on your windshield. Pulls down anywhere you want and stays put until you push it up!

Very easy to install.

You can also use these as a privacy panel. Standard drop is 36", All fabric is sold in black vinyl and it is housed in a painted black aluminum case.

Power SmartVisor Sun Shades with Case
You never have to leave your seat or reach over the steering wheel to adjust your sunshade. You can lower or raise your Power SmartVisor with the push of a button.
Black vinyl visors have a 36" drop (30" wide visors have a 34" drop) and are housed in a painted black aluminum case.

If you add the optional Power Visor Remote Kit, you can operate two visors from one control. The best feature is it makes wiring the shades a snap. There is no need for complex and time consuming wire routing. All you need is a 12V power source. These are very easy to install and should take no more than 1/2 hour.

You can also use these as a privacy panel.

Door Shade
Carefree's Door Shade blocks out unwanted light making the inside of your RV more pleasant.
Skylight Shade
Skylights are a good source of light during the day, but how do you keep out the night time light? Carefree's Skylight Shade blocks out the light!
Vent Shade
Does annoying night time light shine in your RV through ceiling vents? Carefree's VentShade blocks out the light!