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Canopy Clamp
These guys keep the canopy from flapping. Since they're permanently mounted to your awning you can never misplace them. Installation is a breeze!
Camping Mat
Standard Camping Mat, essential for a Screen Room or Add-A-Room.
Designer Awning Mat
Premium Awning Mat with the only two year, unconditional guarantee on the market.
Carefree Thin-Lite Awning Light
Now enjoy your awning at night!
Stockable Sunshade
Block the heat before it gets in your rear windows. For rear windows & picture windows Beat the heat with a black FullView SunShade! Sometimes that rear window heats up like an oven!
Sideblocker for all around sun protection. Add to the front Sunblocker, or purchase separately.
Keeps you cool & comfortable. Don't put up with the heat and glare of early morning or late afternoon sun.