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Stockable Sunshade
Package Details:
Stockable Sunshade $176.52
Awning Size: 3 Feet
Your Price: $176.52!
For rear windows & picture windows Beat the heat with a FullView SunShade! Sometimes that rear window heats up like an oven! Our exterior FullView SunShade rolls up for travel and rolls down for caqmping. Unlike window awnings, it shades and covers 100% of the glass on your window. So your RV stays even cooler. You block the heat and keep your view. In the daytime you can see out, but people can't see in. Most RVs have a rear bedroom window and you can't put a window awning over it because the ladder blocks the arms. Beat the heat with a FullView SunShade. Available from 30" to 84" with a vertical drop up to 72". Vertical drop is 55" on standard sizes.