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LTD Acrylic SL Window Awning with Uniguard
Package Details:
LTD Acrylic SL Window Awning with Uniguard $256.23
Awning Size: 3 Feet
Casting Color: Black
Standard Acrylic Canopy Color: Beige
Uniguard Color: Black
SL Window Awning Arms $105.32
Arm Color: Satin
Your Price: $361.54!
A new look to match a new generation of awnings!
Save on AC and complement the sleek, finished look of your Eclipse or Travel?r Patio Awning.

Available in XL sizes! If your window measures more than 36" tall, you'll need SL XL window awnings.

Carefree's new Uniguard option is a proven no-leak Alumaguard, designed to blend SL Window Awnings with the Eclipse and NEW Travel'r. Works with acrylic and PolyWeave fabrics.

Carefree's unique Uniguard lifts to accept the SL window awning as it slips into its travel position.

Notice the sleek profile of the new SL window awning; closed for travel and protected by Uniguard.