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Over The Door Vinyl with Straight Arms
Package Details:
Over The Door Vinyl with Straight Arms $277.17
Casting Color: Black
Arm Color: Black
Size: 40 inches
Vinyl Canopy Color.: Black / Gray
Your Price: $277.17!
The Carefree OtD Awning is for doors not shaded by your patio awning. To keep cool and comfortable, get a Carefree OtD awning to cover the door. To set up, simply reach up and extend it with the pull strap - the braces automatically lock into place.

B<>Ordering Information:
All OtD awnings have a standard extension of 36" and an arm length of 60". Minimum width measurement is 36", maximum width is 72". Measurements are from center of bottom bracket to center of bottom bracket. Widths are available in 1" increments. Awning rail must be mounted a minimum of 11" above the door. You must have a minimum of 2" mounting width beyond the front and rear of the door and a flat unobstructed vertical mounting area of 63" between awning rail and bottom bracket.

Ordering Tips for 12 Volt OTD Awnings
These awnings run power from the motor down through the arm, through the wall, to the switch. For each awning, you will determine the awning size the same way as the manual version. The sidewall of the RV must have the same unobstructed sidewall area for the arms, roller and awning rail as manual version, except for the following additional space required to mount the 12 Volt version. You will need:

  • 3.5" of clearance outbound of the center of the forward arm (at the top) to accomodate the motor housing
  • 1.5" of clearance outboard of the box arm channel upwards