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Truckin Awn Complete Standard
Package Details:
Truckin Awn Complete Standard $386.42
Awning Size: 3 Feet
Vinyl Canopy Color for RV: Black / Gray
Your Price: $386.42!
If you own a truck camper you know how valuable it would be to have an awning over your rear entry door. Other RV's have always had an awning to protect the entrance door from sun and rain, but truck camper rear doors can't accommodate a conventional roll up awning or a box awning. Either there's not enough clearance or the ladder is in the way! That's why Carefree designed the TRUCKIN' Awn. What's an entrance door without a shelter overhead to help keep the rain out and the sun from heating up the camper? Now you can leave your door open in just about any weather. The Truckin' Awn keeps the rain out and keeps your entry way cool. Raise and lower the height of your awning (vary the pitch) with convenient adjustable arms or raise one side higher than the other for an effective rain release position. Available as a standard (manually deployed) vinyl awning with a 36" projection. Includes extruded aluminum awning rail, hinged arms and braces.

Installation Tips for Standard Model: Allow for 3" of uninterrupted clearance above your door and 2" of clearance on each side for the arm brackets and awning arms. For the best weather protection get as big (wide) an awning as you can install; from one side of your Camper all the way to the ladder. Truckin' Awn must slide into an awning rail (included). Top brace mounts below awning rail. Auto-rafter model requires a third bracket mount for the rafter.