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Vinyl Replacement Canopy with Alumaguard
Package Details:
Vinyl Replacement Canopy with Alumaguard $551.41
Awning Size: 8 Feet
Vinyl Canopy Color for RV: Black / Gray
Alumaguard color for Residential Awning: Brown
Your Price: $551.41!
The extraordinary 12V Carefree Eclipse redefines power awning ease and convenience!

Vinyl patio awning is 2-piece construction and is a a heavy duty fabric. Looks better than the competition and lasts longer.

Plus, the patented Alumaguard protects the canopy completely when rolled up and enhances the look.

Alumaguard Here's the secret to the virtually leak-proof patented ALUMAGUARD metal wrap cover:

Take a look at competing brands, some include a "drip pan" under the metalwrap, a sure sign their slats and awning rail connections leak. Still another would sell you a metal wrap that looks more like a metal tread plate, and is certainly no match to the skin of your RV.

Only ALUMAGUARD offers this 3-point leak protection system!

  • The rail is straight and seamless. The seal between the rail and the metal wrap cover stops the water draining off the roof of your RV. The patented vinyl seal in the Carefree Alumaguard lead slat compresses against the inside of the rail.
  • Carefree's patented
  • Every metal slat hinge is protected by our patented vinyl seal which is pinched together by the joined slats.