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Companion Awnings
Companion Awnings
Marquee 12-Volt Box Awning
Designed to compliment the sleek appearances of Carefree's Mirage, Eclipse, Travel'r, Summit and SL Window awnings.
SL Window Awning
A new look to match a new generation of awnings!
Save on AC and complement the sleek, finished look of your Eclipse or Travel?r Patio Awning.

Carefree's unique Uniguard lifts to accept the SL window awning as it slips into its travel position.
Notice the sleek profile of the new SL window awning; closed for travel and protected by Uniguard.

Over The Door (OTD) Awnings
The Carefree OtD Awning is for doors not shaded by your patio awning. To keep cool and comfortable, get a Carefree OtD awning to cover your door.


Truckin Awn
Truck Camper Rear Door Awning. Protect your entrance door rain or shine! Now you can leave your door open in just about any weather.